How to Play CityVille in Full Screen

When you start playing CityVille on Facebook, your city is small and it fits on the entire small postcard size window.  At first it is easy to move around your city and click on the businesses and houses to collect coins and supply with goods.  As your city beings to grow, it becomes harder and harder to see your entire city.  So you either move around your city by pulling the map around or shrinking your city into “AntVille” size to fit your small window.   To make things even worse, this postcard window is surrounded by all the level icons on the top, city goals on the side and the action bar at the bottom.  So with all these items your small window is now reduced to a small postcard.


With all the hours, work, gifting and networking that you have spent to build your city, this small window is no way to enjoy city in all its glory.  What if you wanted to see your city in Full Screen with all the great graphics that CityVille provides.  Luckily you can do this with just a few steps.

Step 1: Locate the small gear button (Toggle Settings Menu) on the upper right corner of the tool bar.  See the sunburst on the picture below.  Once this button is clicked, all the menu items appear.


Step 2: Once the menu items appear, click the “Toggle Full Screen” button.  See the sunburst on the picture below.  It looks like two overlapping windows.


Step 3: Once this is selected, the entire screen will open up in Full Screen Mode to reveal your city.  Now you can enjoy your city and all its splendor.  To exit Full Screen Mode, just push the “Esc” key to bring back the normal window.


Step 4: Now that you know how to enjoy your City in Full Screen, let all your CityVille friends know by liking this article.  In CityVille it is always better to share.

PS.  This same tip also works on many other Zynga Games.


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  1. Bernhard Weber says:

    Hi! Bin durch Zufall auf diese Seite hier gestoßen.
    Das angezeigte Menü habe ich nicht zur Verfügung weil bei mir links und rechts die Ränder fehlen. Egal mit welchem Browser und mit welcher Auflösung ich ins Spiel gehe. Ich kann deshalb auch nicht die Musik deaktivieren, was mittlerweile sehr nervig ist.
    Hauptproblem ist daß ich nur 6 Freunde besuchen kann. Die anderen kann ich nicht besuchen weil ich in meiner Freundesliste nur ganz links “Neuer Freund hinzufügen” habe, rechts daneben 6 Freunde die ich besuchen kann und weiter rechts daneben 3 Pfeile um die Liste nach rechts zu navigieren. Sie ist jedoch ganz rechts, und die Freunde die weiter links sind kann ich nicht sehen und die Navigationspfeile nach links werden mir wegen den beschnittenen Rändern nicht angezeigt.
    Weiß jemand einen Rat den ich mal ausprobieren könnte?
    Danke und Gruß

  2. Bernhard Weber says:

    I found this site by coincidence.
    The menue mentioned above cannot be seen at my screen because at the left and the right side the cityville display is cut. No matter which browser and wich screen resolution I try.
    Thats why I cant turn off the music which is really annoying since I hear it since weeks.
    The biggest problem is that I can only visit up to 6 friends, The others cant`t be visited by me because in my friends list shown under the city I just got “add ne friends” at the left side, then there are 6 friends displayed at the right of it, and then there are 3 arrows to navigate towards the right side. But the friends list IS at the right side and so I cant see the friends which are more left in this list. The navigation arrows at the left site are not displayed at my screen because it cuts the screen from the right and the left side so I only see the middle.
    Anyone knows an advice I could try?
    Thanks and cya in Cityville :)

    1. admin says:

      Here are some possible solutions.

      - Updating the FlashPlayer to the latest version. The current windows version is You can check you version by right clicking on your City and select “About Adobe Flash Player:”

      - Delete the cookies and clear the cache of your browser.

      Hope these suggestions help.

    2. Eden says:

      I have the same problem, I cannot see whatever appers on the screen neither right or left side. I have the latest version of FlashPlayer and I deleted the cache and cookies and nothing happened. Everytime when it is loading the game it seems the screen to get bigger (there are two pigeons when the game is loading and when it is almost complete load the game, the right pigeon desappers, because for some unknow reason the screen maximize its size in both right and left side. Please, if you have more ideas to help me out with this problem, I would appreciate it.

      1. admin says:

        I had this same thing happen to me today. This is what I did to fix it. Go to the View tab of the browser and select “Reset” from the Zoom options. This fixed my screen problem immediately. Hope this helps.

        1. starr says:

          This method just worked for me. I can see my friends now!

  3. Alex says:

    i can only see 6 friends etc aswell >:L

  4. Samantha says:

    My screen is super small! i dont know how it got to be that way but now i cant even move pver so i cat see my tools or the market or anything of the sort….what should i do?!

    1. admin says:

      I had this same thing happen to me today. This is what I did to fix it. Go to the View tab of the browser and select “Reset” from the Zoom options. This fixed my screen problem immediately. Hope this helps.

      1. David says:

        how do you get to the ” view tab”? and select reset ? I have firefox and when I right click the screen the only zoom options I have are , zoom in , zoom out and show all , I have no reset.

  5. Val says:

    My City wil not shrink to a smaller size when I expand it to full screen. It does on my friends game, but will not on mine. This makes it difficult to see the whole City.

  6. J D says:

    cityVille works well in full screen. THe only annoying thing is that the ‘goals’ are stuck right in the middle of the full screen with no ability to move them.

    Quite frustrating!

    (Using the latest version of flash in both Google Chrome Browser and IE8)

  7. George D says:

    I am having some of the same problems with one computer re not being able to zoom in full screen. Another problem is that on my computer I do not get water in full screen. This is how the problem started in my wife’s computer.

  8. Lisa Martins says:

    Estou com um problema no jogo CityVille. Ou seja não consigo fazer pedidos de ajuda para aumentar a minha cidade. Isto pq só me apareçe metade da tela onde é possivel fazer os pedidos aos meus amigos do k eu pteciso tal como enviar prenas também. É-me completamnet impossivel.

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