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Vive La France!

Hot on the heels of CityVille’s recent International announcement, it is  make a French connection.  CityVille now has French items available.   Check out your Build Menu for more.

Help City Sam Fall In Love!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, City Sam needs your help to find her dream man.  Sam has been a main character in CityVille community since the beginning.   If you are level 14 or higher you can do your part to help her Valentine Dreams come true.    During the quests you will …

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Go International in your City!

With the new year, your CityVille City can welcome Italy into your city today.  Become an international ambassador to the world today and invite a little taste of Italy.  Player need to be level 30 or higher to join in the fun. Italy has a diverse architectural style.  Known for its architectural achievements, such as arches, domes …

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What Are Gold Mystery Gifts?

While gifts are nothing new to City Ville, they have now announce a new gold mystery gits.  Start sending the new Gold Mystery Boxs to your friends! The gold mystery boxes are filled with filled with houses, businesses and much more! The new mystery gold boxes are sure to add a new level of fun. …

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What is CityVille?

What is CityVille?  If you have been on Facebook in the last year,  you probably have notice a number of social game notices clogging your news feed and in inbox.  You may have friends asking for another building permit or asking you to join.  With all this activity, you may be wondering why some many people are …

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CityVille Game in 3D

With all the emphasis on 3D movies and televisions for the past year, it appears that the social gaming groups (Zynga) has taken notice and moved their game titles to include a 3D look.  While this is not the same look you get from 3D movie glasses, it is 3D spirits.  Actually CityVille will be …

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CityVille Press Release

Zynga has released a press release on the upcoming CityVille game.  Here are some excerpts from the Press Release. “Zynga today announced the global launch of CityVille, a new social game allowing anyone anywhere to build their dream city from the ground up. Available in beta in the coming weeks, CityVille is debuting in five …

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